To Sellers


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Pricing it right

Setting the listing price correctly is one of the most important things for the house to sell in a timely manner. As the listing broker, we need to know the market really well and understand buyers’ psychology and take right actions during the whole process.

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Marketing Techniques

On our team, there is a professional software engineer and a marketing specialist who knows how to influence buyers’ thinking and how to best market your property to make the most of the first impression. We not only use traditional marketing methods, such as mails and phone calls, but also implement newer technologies and enhance the influences through our executive memberships on a variety of websites.

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Real estate is a people business. Our network among brokers, sales agents, and even previous clients or friends plays a crucial role in the house sale. Sometimes, a phone call or an email can bring in quality buyers.


To Buyers


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As most of the agents do, first we create an MLS email account for you so that you will receive daily updates about new listings or price changes. But we don’t stop there. Through our advertising, mails, etc., we often find unlisted properties or for sale by owners that the other buyers or agents cannot see online or through the multiple listing services.

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We show properties anywhere in the greater Boston area. Our job is not simply opening the door for you, but to help guide you selecting the right house. With over 20 years of family expertise in construction, inspection and real estate, we share with you our knowledge in house structure, floor plan, maintenance, potential problems and much more.

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Negotiation and more.

Yuan’s team will help you all the way along. Even after closing, Yuan can be reached any time if you have questions about house maintenance or repairs. Yuan’s Team always values relationship more than business and believes those two are closely related.