Our history

Clients come and go, but what customers want from real estate agent remains the same - fight for the best value.

We believe that the principles by which we operate and the culture that we live result in an experienced buying and selling.

Our values are an integral part of our DNA.

  • We share our knowledge.
  • We conduct ourselves with integrity and respect.
  • We care about quality and pay attention to details.
  • We collaborate as an unified team.

Since 2009, Yuan and her team have made serving people their primary focus. Yuan and her team champion their clients' needs above all else, consistently delivering extra mile service with a relentless focus on creating phenomenal customer delight. This commitment is part promise, part personality and part passion. Whether it's pinpointing a client's perfect home, or polishing up the place that's been called home, what matters most is the client’s satisfactions.

Following two economic crisis, Yuan brings sharp business acumen and time-tested wisdom from the fast-paced world of high-tech into the equally demanding rhythm of real estate. Clients say that her exceptionally strong sales skills and quick negotiating savvy set her and her team apart. Yuan has a proven track record of repeatedly impressed clients, especially in the face of daunting challenges. No matter what one thinks the market holds, Yuan’s Team aims to surprise and to produce and to exceed the results their clients want. Yuan is a seasoned veteran who will always lead the way for you.

Yuan and her team know luxury real estate. And their clients know they can count on Yuan and her team to uphold their unique needs through every stage of the transition into a next home.


We started looking for house about five years ago on and off and met Yuan the beginning of 2012. Within a couple months, we landed our current home. It has been 2 years now. Yuan still wrote back or call us back right away when we bothered her for various questions. Can't thank her enough!

Comment by Andy Lu on July 24, 2013 at 10:10pm

New to the area, we basically knew nothing about Boston housing. Luckily, we found Yuan through internet recommendation. After visiting a few houses, she got a sense of the house we were looking for. She actively showed the houses which she thought we would like. During the buying process, she negotiated hard with the buyers for better deals, and gave suggestions on what we should do on each step from her professional point of views. After we sealed the deal, she recommended contractors we can work with and gave ideas on how to improve the house value. It is a pleasant experience working with Yuan. We wish her business prosperous in future.

Comment by Xiaodong Wang on July 31, 2012 at 2:56pm

Thank you, Yuan, for helping us finding our first home in US. You were very honest, patient, very responsive, no-pressure and went above and beyond to help us out. As a first time home buyer, we didn't realize that certain factors are really important in considering buying a house, and we have learned so much from you. Looking back, we are really glad that we made the right decision at the time we were torn between two houses. Of course we couldn't have done it without your help and support. Thank you again!

Comment by Lei Cheng on May 30, 2012 at 4:05pm

About one month ago, we saw Yuan's website by coincidence. After watching most of her videos, we decided to contact her. We have a small condo in Lexington and are thinking of getting a Single family house either in Brookline or in Cambridge because both of us work in Boston. The day we met Yuan, we learned a lot from her. It is true that she knows what she is doing. And to us, she is more like a friend than a business woman. Yuan managed to help win the bidding war while achieving the price goal we wanted to get. After the inspection, she continued to negotiate for us without us asking. Now we are waiting for mortgage and closing. Truly appreciated your help!!

Comment by Xiaoqin on May 21, 2012 at 9:42am

I met Yuan at church. Back then, I was thinking about selling my house to exchange for a bigger one but was not sure how to proceed. Yuan guided me on each and every step. She was very mature, considerate, intelligent and understanding. She provided me with so much valuable advice. Even though I am much older than her, I turned to her for advice on almost everything. If there is anything I can do for her in return, I will be all for it... --- Xiuying Zhang

Comment by Xiuying Zhang on May 8, 2012 at 10:28pm

Yuan asked us to write on her testimonies page and we are glad to do so. Both Yuan and Roy were very professional and patient. As a previous inspector, Roy and Yuan taught us many things about houses. We actually looked for houses for quite a while (almost one year) and learned so much in this process from this team. We learned how to take care of roof problems, how to maintain furnaces, how to do landscaping and even some Chinese fengshui tips! Yuan has a very good taste on color selections and house decorations. I requested her help after closing. She went on a shopping trip with me to help select window treatments, etc. regardless how busy she was. We felt so luck to have worked with her and will recommend her and her team to all our friends! --- Jessica Cropper

Comment by Jessica Cropper on May 7, 2012 at 9:25am

Yuan was recommended to us by a friend of mine, who just bought a house through her. We feel so lucky to have met her and have her worked as an agent for us. She's very professional and considerate for her clients. We found a favorite house and was about to offer. It was her that found some problems with the foundation of the house and asked us to move one, which saved us from huge troubles. Finally, with her help we bought a good-quality townhouse-style condo in Cambridge for a very reasonable price. We started looking for houses in later October and we moved into our new home in early January of the next year. The whole process is so efficient and worry-free. We really appreciate Yuan's work and she is definitely the type of agent that you can trust.

Comment by xuemin lu on April 20, 2012 at 11:29am

Sorry about the delay in writing here. Thank you very much for your help during the whole process. Think back... it's almost 2 years since we first met. Your patience, your sharing of knowledge and your understanding really touched us. We can't thank you enough! Will definitely refer our friends to you. Stay in touch!!!

Comment by Richard on July 15, 2012 at 10:00pm

Yuan convinced me she would be the best agent I can find in our very first phone conversation, through her extensive knowledge of not only the housing market but also the houses themselves, and her extreme client-centric attitude. Her professionalism was further demonstrated in the house hunting process. She was always available, and frequently exchanged emails with me at 3AMs debating the pros and cons of each single houses and analyzing what the sellers and their agents may be thinking. We found the house we wanted as our first home withing a few weeks and closed the deal two months after my first conversation with Yuan - that's how efficient she is.

Comment by Kang on April 17, 2012 at 3:03pm

My husband and I met Yuan around 2009. At the time we were looking for a place in Lexington. We have two kids (a boy and a girl). The apartment was just not enough space for us any more. Yuan was just awesome from day 1. You can reach her almost 24/7. Even when she was busy, she called us back very quickly. And she really knows about Lexington, not just streets but the culture, neighborhood, school. I don't often write reviews because I am a quite picky person. But when Yuan requested me to do so, I was very happy to write for her. And I have referred her to my friends and co-worker. You should not be disappointed working with Yuan!

Comment by Angela Sur on April 16, 2012 at 5:13pm

Yuan is such a professional, patient and caring person. With her help, our dream came true. Everything turned out beyond our expectations! Besides her professionalism as a realtor, what impressed us most was her personal touch. When we told her our intention to buy a house, she was very patient and caring. She understood what we needed and what our financial situation was. When the opportunity came, she not only guided us through every step along the way, from negotiation to closing the deal, but provided advice for things we should pay attention to... Yuan, you ARE the best!

Comment by jian on April 16, 2012 at 11:03am

Out of all agents she was the only one said out straight that she did not offer any rebates. We hesitated because buying a house is not a small thing and the rebate can be quite a saving for us. Honestly, at first we decided to use her and switch at the end (bashful...) but after we worked with her and after a few comparisons, we decided not to... And we were glad that we didn't because I am typing this while sitting in my dream home that she helped us get at a price we were extremely satisfied. Thanks Again Yuan! You are the best...

Comment by Sam Chen on April 15, 2012 at 9:59pm

我们在Yuan 之前,已经看了大半年的房子。每次的竞争失败都让我们非常的失望。虽然价格是决定成功的主要因素,但是我们觉得还是有些是可以人为的。一个偶然的机会, 我先生看到了Yuan写的关于她看过得房子的一些观点, 觉得Yuan的意见都非常的中肯,觉得这个才是我们需要找的Agent. 我们非常幸运能找到Yuan, 她非常有经验而且认真负责,在整个过程里,给与我们她的专业意见,同时尊重我们的选择,而且不会让我们觉得有压力。与其说跟Yuan是在做交易,还不如说更像在跟她交朋友。我们非常乐意让Yuan帮我们买房子,赚我们的钱。她是一个非常诚恳而且负责的Agent. 她会主动帮我们打电话去问town hall问各种关于房子的问题,去拿房子资料。当我们下Offer的时候,她会积极的去跟对方的agent沟通,起到非常好的桥梁作用。之后Yuan 会及时的反馈对方的信息,然后给我们出主意。她有自己的一些小trick,让我们用最合适的价格,买到我们喜欢的房子。我们非常推荐Yuan, 早点跟Yuan, 就可以早点买到好的房子。

Comment by Wailap Lam, 4/13/2013, 12:32am